Energy is about to be radically different

We’ve seen this coming for nearly three decades. The world is just catching up.
We are advancing into an era where renewable, clean energy will be the norm.
The Paris Agreement signed in 2015 saw 195 countries promise epoch-making reductions to greenhouse-gas emissions in an effort to stop human-caused climate change.
But the environment isn’t the whole story. Technology has brought us to a place where the changing nature of energy will reshape our society and our world. Government and business leaders find it easier to agree that renewable energy is the future because it simply represents a better way forward: cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and more beautiful.
At Goldwind, we feel like the world is just starting to catch up with our vision. We began our journey to become a world-leading wind turbine manufacturer, service provider and investor almost three decades ago. Today, we stand exactly where we intended to be: at the leading edge of a rapidly changing energy landscape.
Our customers seek us out because we have established experience and expertise not just in wind turbine engineering and manufacturing, but also in services, solutions, investment and a range of emerging and synergistic technologies. Renewable energy generation capacity isn’t just a product: it’s a whole industry and ecosystem.
Goldwind isn’t in the renewable-energy business because it’s the flavour of the moment. We’ve been here from the beginning—and today we share our capability and expertise with the world.

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